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Onn vs Hisense vs Vizio: TV Comparison

Nowadays, despite the dusk of television as a phenomenon, TVs are still an almost indispensable part of every home And the cost of modern TV panels is adequate enough so that almost everyone can afford one, paying for quality and functionality, not for a big- name brand. For instance, if you need a reliable high-quality TV for your place, you can pick one from the competing trio, comparing Onn vs Hisense vs Vizio and choosing the one that’ll suit your needs and wants in the best way. And there’s a comparison guide that includes everything from pricing and key features to performance and review summaries on each of those brands that’ll ease your efforts.

Brands Overview: Onn vs Hisense vs Vizio


onn vs vizio vs hisense

Onn is the brand owned by Walmart, basically the biggest retailer in the US, and its unsurprisingly oriented on the budget pricing range. Those TVs are not like the top-notch and premium-looking ones from big brands, but they are pretty good and are offered for a fair price, affordable even for ones with a very limited budget. It makes them reasonably one of the best SmartTV picks in the budget segment with a reliable quality and really good warranty system that allows customers to fix or replace their devices in almost any troublesome situations.


hisense vs onn vs vizio

Hisense is a world-renowned brand that’s based in China and, contrary to all expectations, it manufactures rather well-made devices with good and innovative functionality. And it offers a larger display size than its competitors while keeping the price inside the budget range. Its products can even be compared with big-name brands, making such devices a good price-to-quality pick, though a bit on the expensive side.


vizio vs onn vs hisense

Vizio is a US-oriented brand based in Orange County, California, that manufactures premium-like TVs with the best image and sound quality in the niche, and offers its products for affordable price. Its devices are slightly cheaper than those of its competitors in the same quality range. And to back up their own WatchFree+ streaming service they’ve made a lot of partnerships, ranging from AMC, Fox and BBC channels up to Disney, Sony and Paramount streaming platforms.

Picture Quality and Performance

onn vs hisense vs vizio tv picture

One of the main things almost everyone takes into account when picking the best choice of the TV panel is its image quality. And there we have three competing brands, each of them having their own distinctive pros and cons.

Onn TVs have overall good image quality with their direct-backlit DLED panel tech. Combined with the Amlogic processor, it shows a very good static and motion picture quality with good contrast compared to other brands’ products in the low-budget segment. But its dimming and peak brightness are lacking due to using DLED panels. But it supports HDR10 to balance it out a little. Sadly, Onn TVs have no upscaling techs. Although, there are actually 4K TVs from this brand. And all models support only 60Hz refresh rate with standard viewing angle that’s a blurring image when you look at the screen from the side. But this brand is really low-budget, and it offers the best you can get for its devices’ price.

Hisense uses a variety of technologies in their devices, including ULED, QLED and OLED panels. And they have Quad Core processors that support 4K upscaling. With those techs on board, combined with a variety of dimming technologies, TVs from this brand can go in line with big-name brands in terms of static and motion picture quality, providing high contrast levels, good peak brightness and overall realistic colors, especially with HDR feature enabled. Also, this brand makes almost all TVs with VRR-enabled 144Hz refresh rate, but a bit lacking viewing angle – image becomes slightly blurry when you look at it from the side.

Vizio is using classic OLED panels in their TVs and combining them with their own IQ lineup of processors, capable of 4K upscaling. With such a combination of time-tested technologies, their devices have slightly better static and moving image quality than Hisense, including HDR support. Vizio TVs also have 120Hz refresh rate, and variable to boot – VRR tech improves motion picture smoothness incredibly. And those devices actually have a pretty good viewing angle, allowing users to look at the screen from the side without diminishing the image quality.

Smart Features and Connectivity

smart features onn vs hisense vs vizio tv picture

Onn TVs use Roku SmartTV platform on all their modern TVs, making them pretty good for watching streaming services. With it on board, you can get access to almost any service you might need right out of the box – from Netflix and ParamountPlus to Disney+ and Crunchyroll. All TVs from this brand are, obviously, packed with HDMI and USB ports, and support Wi-FI connectivity. Also, modern models have Bluetooth support, but it’s limited only to Roku accessories and devices.

Hisense, on the other hand, uses an almost clean Android OS that allows you to use whatever apps you could need from the Play Market, and its highly compatible with various accessories, devices and technologies. Including smart hubs and smart software. Also, it supports Chromecast image translation from various compatible devices – you just need to have them in the same Wi-Fi network as the TV. And, of course, all Hisense TVs have HDMI ports on board.

Vizio, compared to its counterparts, employs its own proprietary OS that has its own, pretty much unique, compatibility list. Although it’s compatible with Apple AirPlay and Google Assistant, it has a very limited range of supported apps, accessories and devices you can connect it to. It’ll be honest to say that its overall Smart capabilities are really lacking even compared to the RokuTV platform that’s preinstalled on Onn TVs. And, of course, as it’s a must for a modern TV, it has built-in HDMI ports, and there are more of them than there are on competing devices.

Price and Value for Money

price and value onn vs hisense vs vizio

Pricing-wise, you can say without even thinking that Onn holds the top place in the low-budget segment with its 50-inch panel for less than $200 and the most expensive 75-inch 4K device for less than $500. And, actually, it sounds really affordable, taking its rather reliable quality, complex warranty and responsive support, both provided by Walmart. So if you have a really limited budget – that’s your pick, that’ll provide you with the best price-to-quality ratio inside the segment.

Hisense and Vizio, on the other hand, are both in the top-budget segment, Or, rather, they both are borderline middle-class with their 50-inch TVs starting from around $250 and their price going up to almost $4000 for really outstanding 100+ inch models packed with modern techs and functions to the brim, including a variety of additional features and providing cutting-edge quality. So if you can afford it – go and get one of those, depending on your preferences, wants and needs.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews: Onn vs Hisense vs Vizio

So that you don’t have to search through hundreds of pages with reviews about various TV models produced by Onn, Hisense and Vizio brands, LACWebServices have made a brief summary for you. Including overall impressions, user experience and all things that should be considered before buying devices from these three brands. Also, if you decide to hang your new TV, it is better to entrust this to professionals. For example, Old Mount or another TV hanging service near you.

  • Onn. Most users mention that this brand offers one of the best price-to-value among budget Roku TV models, and literally the cheapest one among other offers with the same quality. Although not too powerful and without extensive functionality, they’re pretty reliable and could serve 3 to 5 years without any issues. And if something happens with the device without external interference if you have an extended warranty that’s still up – Customer Service will refund or replace it in most cases if you manage to actually contact them. So, all in all, if you’re really limited in terms of budget and not really into always having outstanding image quality, then you can get one of those without doubt.

reviews onn vs hisense vs vizio

  • Hisense. All comments and reviews on this brand’s TVs are actually considering them as positively best offers if you want to save money and get good quality. But that’s only if you’re not too limited in terms of your budget. ‘Value-for-money’ with emphasis on the ‘value’ part, taking into account its functionality and high accessory compatibility. But there were some software glitches reported like complete Android OS breakdowns when trying to connect more than one Google Account. All things considered, it offers devices on par with big-name brands with good reliability, functionality and image quality. Customer Support of this brand is overall good, but it highly depends on the region you’re living in – in some regions it’s rather bad, and some don’t even have it at all.

hisense vs onn vs vizio review

  • Vizio. Taking quality into account, users are pretty satisfied with this brand’s TVs, because if they work as they should, they provide the best possible quality you can get while not paying for a prime-brand product. Although, most things you can find in user opinions are about its after-purchase support and their proprietary OS. Updates usually make TVs work way worse than they were, up to the point of interfering with television channel loading times. And Support Service is working rather strangely, in some cases helping without prior notice whenever you need a replacement for the device or for its remote.

vizio vs onn vs hisense reviews

Taking all above into account, users have a ‘you get what you pay for’ reviews for Onn TVs, primarily complain about Hisense after-purchase service and can’t stand device-breaking software updates from Vizio.

Best Models Comparison

Comparing best-sellers from different brands, you should understand that they could literally be different from each other in literally everything, from screen size to variety of features. Nevertheless, if you’re thinking about buying one of the best models you can get from a brand, you should know what those models are and what good qualities they have.

Onn 75-inch Class 4K UHD Frameless Roku Smart TV. The most expensive device that’ll cost you slightly less than $500, but it literally is comparable with top-brand TVs. It’s packed with everything you expect from a mid-class device, but costs about two times cheaper. 4K display, Roku system on board, HDR10 support, lots of preinstalled apps for streaming services and a mobile controller app to use your TV with the tap of your phone screen.

onn vs hisense vs vizio best models

Hisense U8 Series Mini-LED QLED 4K UHD Smart Google TV. One of the best device lineups in the niche, balancing between size, quality and functionality. Well, it’s not too budget, considering its prices start from around $750 for the 55-inch model, but still. It’s packed with all techs you might need for entertainment, beginning with 4K resolution, HDR and good image processor for an amazing watching experience, and up to HDMI 2.1 ports coupled with VRR screen refreshing for smooth and responsive gaming.

best of hisense vs onn vs vizio

Vizio M-Series Quantum X. One of the most prominent models made by the brand, it takes all premium features from its really expensive P-Series and puts them into a way lower pricing range that starts from $500 for a 50-inch TV. It’s great for watching movies and playing games in 4K with HDR support, 120Hz refresh rate and VRR functionality. Basically, the brand really managed to do the job by bringing premium to budget, sacrificing only overall TVs design in the process and slightly compromising in terms of dimming quality despite employing their own quantum dots technology.

Pros and Cons

If you compile and compress everything that was mentioned above and make it into a short notice, you’ll have a comprehensive analysis of all strengths and weaknesses of TVs from three mentioned brands. And it’ll actually be a good thing for you if you can’t really choose which TV you want to buy, even after reading through it all and considering all your needs and wants.


  • Pros: good price-for-quality ratio; Roku TV firmware; decent after-purchase support.
  • Cons: pretty low refresh rate – 60Hz max; not too good for gaming; no modern feature support; no 4K upscaling postprocessing.

onn vs hisense vs vizio pros and cons


  • Pros: large lineup of devices with different features; good picture quality with accurate colors and good dimming; modern feature support; highly adjustable ‘clean’ Android firmware; great for gaming.
  • Cons: relatively high price for budget niche; hard-to-reach Support Service; minor Android glitches still unfixed.

pros and cons hisense vs onn vs vizio


  • Pros: good value-for-money balance; outstanding image quality compared to premium brands; modern feature support; well-made and intuitive proprietary firmware; branded in-built streaming service with lots of partners.
  • Cons: small lineup of devices; relatively bad build quality of cheaper models; not too reliable Support Service; firmware updates often cause performance lowering and device breakdowns.

pros and cons vizio vs onn vs hisense

All things considered, if you still can’t decide which TV to buy, all you can do about it is to listen to some tips before actually going for one.

Onn vs Hisense or Vizio: Buying Guide

Thinking about what you want and need from your new TV, you need to understand simple things:

  • Onn offers low-cost devices with ‘you get what you pay for’ motto. They’re really good, but only if you’re either low on budget or really don’t care about gaming and modern-high picture quality, but love watching streaming services.
  • Hisense is a brand with ‘anyone will find what he seeks’ lineup. It offers mid-budget and high-budget TVs with high accessory compatibility, good gaming capabilities and really decent image quality with sizes ranging from 24-inch tiny things to huge 100-inch monsters, each in several generations.
  • Vizio offers devices that are cheaper than Hisense, but in a way smaller variety, compensating it with builds that include everything you can get for the price. And if you want to, you can look for premium devices from this brand that are expensive, but really worth it.

guide for onn vs hisense vs vizio

After that, you need to understand what you want to do with your TV. Like, where to place it, what to watch on it and how good its sound should be.

  • If you need to get yourself a decent TV for a low price that will look good wherever you place it, and will provide you with good image quality without all modern bells and whistles – pick an Onn device.
  • If you want a good gaming TV with a variety of control options and good sound so that you’ll be able to play from your couch and enjoy – go for Hisense without worries.
  • If you need a TV that’ll have good image quality, outstanding sound and great for watching whatever you want, even though it’ll be a tad smaller than its counterparts for the same price – buy a Vizio TV, but not the one of the cheaper ones.

All in all, you should choose for yourself which brand’s TV you’ll buy, strictly depending on three things: what you need from it, what you’ll be watching on it and how expensive you can afford it to be.

The Bottom Line

Whenever you’re choosing a low-mid-high budget TV between Onn, Hisense and Vizio models, you need to understand that it’s really a personal choice that depends on your wants, needs and budget. Want to get a simple TV with low cost and little to no bells and whistles? Buy an Onn. Need a large screen that’s good for console gaming in a big room? Hisense is your choice. Really want to have a well-made TV with outstanding visuals for watching movies? Pick a Vizio device. But before you make your choice – consider it wisely, because even if you’re buying the cheapest among big TVs, you’ll actually pay at least a hundred dollars for it. And you surely don’t want to throw them away for nothing.

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