Does Kwikset Halo Work Without Wi-Fi? (Answered)

As Kwikset is one of the world-renowned manufacturers of smart locking systems, Halo is its most popular and versatile model. It offers an extended set of functions to bolster your home security, including a multi-locking system that can be opened in various ways – via Wi-Fi connection from smartphone, via typing a PIN or via old-school key and keyhole method.

But those who bought it as the first device of its kind could wonder, does Kwikset Halo work without Wi-Fi or not?

And that’s a tricky question that has a rather vague answer – yes and no. Kwikset works without Wi-Fi, but not all functions will be available.

Kwikset Halo: An Overview

Kwikset, the manufacturer of a Halo smart locking system, was founded way back in 1946 by Adolf Schoepe and Karl Reinhard who invented the ‘Kwikset’ tubular lock type. And then, starting from a post-war housing boom, Kwikset company began its way to modern Halo smart locks.

In 2007 Kwikset made the first biometric-based security system called SmartScan. In 2008, they introduced SmartCode keypads. In 2009 the brand developed a Home Connect home automation integrity system. Later, in 2014, they made the world’s first Bluetooth smart-lock named Kevo. And in 2014 the company patented SecureScreen technology.

All of that led to the creation of the very first model of Kwikset Halo smart-lock in 2017. With all of the above technologies included along with the new Obsidian deadbolt and a Wi-Fi module. The latter made the new device their top-notch model thanks to extending functionality to full integration with smartphones, smart hubs and other smart home devices.

The Role of Wi-Fi in Kwikset Halo Functionality

All pros considered, Bluetooth connection has a very limited range, so it doesn’t fit to be a primary method to provide remote control of various devices and their connection to smart hubs. Not that it’s really vital for people who don’t own a smart home system, but for ones who own it that’s a serious matter. And Kwikset Halo has an in-built Wi-Fi module that allows users to use it even in large houses without any issues and control them from remote locations.

For example, imagine a situation when a trustworthy guest came to your place before you came home from work. And it’s winter. If you have a Wi-Fi-connected and properly set up Kwikset Halo, you can unlock the door remotely while you’re in a subway on your way home. On another note, you’ll be able to easily connect the device to a smart hub like Alexa or Nest even if your house is really big and Bluetooth coverage can’t handle a connection.

Operating Kwikset Halo Without Wi-Fi

can kwikset halo work without wifi

Well, Kwikset Halo smart-lock can and will work without Wi-Fi, but its functionality will be very limited compared to when it works with Wi-Fi.

Basically, the Kwikset app won’t work with the lock even if it’s connected to a smart hub via Bluetooth. And because there’ll be no proper remote control, you won’t be able to place a hub too far from the lock and you will have no means to check in real-time when someone unlocks the door if you’re not the only one who has the access to it.

Moreover, you’ll be able to use the auto-locking and auto-unlocking features only when you’re within the limits of a Bluetooth range.

And that’ll cause a delay, not to mention that constant Bluetooth connection drains the battery of the smartphone and the smart-lock system faster than Wi-Fi. So it’s not recommended to use Halo without Wi-Fi connection.

But despite this huge disadvantage, you’ll at least have other means to unlock the door.

You can use an already mentioned remote Bluetooth auto-unlocking, classic key, PIN-code or fingerprint scanner. Those methods of operation are completely unrelated to Wi-Fi connectivity of a Kwikset Halo smart-lock.

User Experiences

kwikset halo not connecting to wifi

There’s no better helper in properly assessing the situation with various hardware and software issues than to read users’ complaints and support tickets about the same problem. And this rule is also true for various situations with smart locks, especially such advanced devices like Kwikset Halo.

Jake Shulz

Once my home wifi was out I was forced to use my smart home and a Halo lock without it. Not too bad, I say, but it felt like I’ve returned to times when there were no smart locks at all. Usability is poor, but manageable, and it’s hard to deal with it in a modern age. Though it works way better than other home devices that became literally ‘dumb’ instead of being smart. So I’d call the Halo’s reduced functionality at least decent despite all that.

Diane Barra

I’d say it’s not the best experience in my life when smartlock on my door cut itself off from my WiFi because of malfunction. And it was fried along with the Bluetooth. But the lock worked as a simple digital lock at least, but without the access to it from the app. Touch and even fingerprint opening worked pretty well. At least my house was safe and sound, thanks to the sturdy lock on my doors.

Chris Mayors

Not that I’m a smart home user, but I like the functionality of smart-locks – I really care about security, especially when it comes to my elder parents’ house. And they’re using this lock without wifi everyday without any issues. They just don’t need all those functions from the app and Bluetooth works pretty well when you need to setup auto locker.

Tips for Optimizing Kwikset Halo Use Without Wi-Fi

If you’re in a situation when you can’t use Kwikset Halo with Wi-Fi, no matter for what reason, there are little to no points you need to really worry about. Especially if you’re the only one who can enter the door protected by the smart-lock. But you should at least fully configure the device, including setting up a PIN, fingerprint and Bluetooth unlocking features.

And you’ll do yourself a favor if you actually set up a Wi-Fi connection on a Halo locking system if you can do it. Even if you don’t need it at the moment, it will improve the degree of your home security nevertheless. Because it will at least synchronize the locking-unlocking logs with servers and increase the auto-lock and auto-unlock effective range.

The Bottom Line

Kwikset Halo is one of the best smart lock solutions on the market, packed with a lot of proprietary technologies patented by the manufacturer. And it provides a really high degree of security and protection, especially when paired with a smart home hub and connected to the Wi-Fi network. But even without the Internet connection via Wi-Fi this device works with a really good digital locking system that lacks only in terms of wireless-related functions and some of the remote control possibilities.

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