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Below are some resources you can use to help you create a website. From logos to site design packages, you will be able to create a wonderfully designed site for your business.

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Your business needs a face on the web. That face would be your website which represents what your business does and your ideal customer/client.

There are plenty of ways to build a website and get your business out there. Just know, creating a website is not an easy feat. You need to create a home page, about us page, privacy policy, contact us page, and the list goes on and on. It all depends on your business and what you are offering/selling. You will need content of at least 500 words per page to represent your business in the most professional capacity. 

Below, are some guides to assist you with creating your store front on the web.

Website Platform/Domain/Hosting:

Solo Build It! Toolse

SBI/Solo Build It is an in-expensive platform that you could use to create your website or store front. With Solo Build It, you can create a website with the added benefit of a step by step instruction program that guides you through to create a 

professional looking website for your business. This program is designed for those who are not web geniuses and those who are non-technical in nature. This platform is super easy to use and navigate.

SBI is an amazing service that helps you design, build, and launch your own income-generating website. They provide the education, tools, web hosting and support you need to turn your idea into a business. Another added benefit you receive within the Solo Build It platform is a business email address and system that allows you to customize your company's email and contact details. This ingenious platform also has webmail which allows you to capture leads/email addresses to send out newsletters and autoresponders. SBI can be used with the Word Press platform as well.

This is THE perfect all-inclusive platform to get you started on your business website. **This very website was created on the Solo Build It platform and is AMAZING! Check it out here! 

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Once you have set up your domain and have registered your website you will need content and lots of it. For every page you create, you should provide at least 400 - 750 words of content per page.

Content is a description of services you offer for one particular page. For example, if you create a website business selling socks, you could dedicate one page per type/brand of socks you sell. One page would consist of content on the dress sock or sport sock...depending on what you are selling.

Creating content can be a tedious job because it involves writing, editing, re-writing and editing again. When you create your content, make sure to use plenty of white space and smaller headers. Utilizing white space on your site helps readers navigate quickly to content that interests them. 

Lastly, remember to check for typos. If you want your website to appear professional, always...ALWAYS check for typos. Having typos on your website can create a negative appearance to your potential customers as if you did not take the time to fine tune it and if you cannot take the time to fine tune your brand, how can you take care of your customers?

Content is also what you will blog about your business. What you share on social media. Create a one hour content plan that will help you catapult your business NOW!

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Part of creating content is adding pictures and videos within your site that your potential customer/client can relate to. Adding pictures to your site gives it flare and assists with keeping your readers interested in what you have to offer.

Always try to add photos that have a direct correlation with what you are selling, your branding and colors (if applicable) and your overall look and feel of your site. If you have a website selling socks, do not have pictures of it is not relevant to what you are selling.


Building traffic is essential to a business and how well it will succeed. Without traffic to your website, no one will notice you in cyberspace. 

After your website has been created and all pages are professional and free of typos, it is now time to bring customers to your website/doorstep. 

There are plenty of ways to get seen on the world wide web.  

  • Register your website url with reputable directories
  • Become a guest blogger on others' site and add a link back to your site
  • Create articles in reference to your business and the services you provide
  • Create a social media presence and following
  • Pay for advertising through different ad agencies

Traffic is the number one driving force to getting customers to your website. You cannot make money if you are not being seen by anyone. Below is a list of ways to help bring traffic to your website:

**All of the resources we've mentioned above are also used in our online strategies to build traffic and they work! 

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